The Deep Sky’s Kickstarter

The Deep Sky

Frazer Bradshaw Launches Kickstarter

Frazer Bradshaw just launched a kickstarter campaign (ending May 24th) to support his film, The Deep Sky, in its post-production stages.

Lenora and Arlan have a stable, long-term relationship when they make a considered decision to open it up to additional partners. Their intention is to engage in casual sexual experiences, but when they meet the mysterious and beautiful Nina, they decide to see her again. Over the following months their connection grow deeper, but over time Lenora and Arlan are stressed by the love triangle, culminating with Nina’s disclosure of a secret.

The Deep Sky is a poetic film that employs experimental flourishes and magical realist notes to create a visceral experience. Focused on its characters as richly developed individuals the story navigates the emotional and philosophical complexities of the world the three lovers have created.from Kickstarter

See Frazer’s podcast episode on May 12th!