Danny Plotnick – S01E06

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Filmmaker Danny Plotnick

IndieHouse SF Podcast

Welcome to Episode 6 of the IndieHouse SF Podcast. Join us each episode as we get to know the SF film community, one filmmaker at a time.

IndieHouse SF Interview: Danny Plotnick

Fueled by his love of punk and alternative culture and infected with DIY spirit, Danny Plotnick started making films that captured a similarly snarly attitude. With over 20 films straddling the line between high-brow and low-brow art, his work has screened at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC, on The Independent Film Channel and MTV, and at underground film fests around the world.

Plotnick’s films are the work of a truly DIY spirit, dating back to the predawn of the digital revolution. They’re emblematic of a time and place where indie rock and microcinema ruled the day, when folks emerged from their basements to surprise us with handmade works to tour and trade. Plotnick’s films are funny and fun, not entirely serious, but very important.

Articles and chatter about his work have recently appeared in Buzzfeed, Vice, and The Fogelnest Files. His work has also been discussed in the recently published anthologies Radical Light and Destroy All Movies. A DVD of his short works, Warts & All: The Films of Danny Plotnick, is available from the Microcinema DVD label.

First Thing

  • Danny is an esteemed professor and the Director of Film Studies at the University of San Francisco.
  • Danny worked at the prestigious Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco.

Media Minute

Brace yourselves for one of the most resplendent footnotes of rock ‘n’ roll anti-history ever to grace the silver screen. I’m Not Fascinating—The Movie! chronicles the pointless shenanigans of San Francisco rock ‘n’ roll ne’er-do-wells the Icky Boyfriends and their futile quest for rock stardom. Undaunted by the universal hatred of both their music and their look, the band perseveres, somehow netting themselves a hefty major label contract. But stardom proves elusive as they descend into a world of intrigue, nepotism, consumer research groups, excessive use of caffeine-laden soda pop and murder. Who kills the Ickys? You’ll wish you had!

More than 20 years after its release, the film, shot on Super 8, now offers a high-def version with bonus features.


Top 5 Things

  • Family
  • Living a Creative Life

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