Basic Lighting Techniques Intensive

Wednesday, 29th March, 2017
7pm – 9:30pm (PST)
2.5-3 hours
on 1 evening
class size
3-4 people
This class will teach you the basic lighting technique(s) that you will need to light a typical location scene in a low to medium budget Indy film.

This includes the lighting of people places and objects as they relate to the screenplay and each other on set.

It is a hands on class and allows you to use and understand the lighting instruments and their capabilities.

You'll need
All you will need to bring along is:

  • A basic knowledge of manual camera settings
  • A basic knowledge of light meter operation
  • Pencil/notepad

Robert Elvin holds degrees from the University of Minnesota (BA), City College of San Francisco (AA) and the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA). He has photographed and filmed in the Bay Area since 1983. Since 1988 he has been a lighting instructor at various institutions including the San Francisco Photography Center, Rayko Photo Center and The Academy of Art.

For the last ten years he has worked primarily with motion picture lighting and has been the principal technical support person for Photographers Lighting in San Francisco. Bob has also appeared in the credits of numerous independent productions; most recently Coffee and Languages’ production “Love and Demons” in 2014 and “reVisions”,  released in October of 2016.